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Net Zero Health Systems – Accelerating the Decarbonization of Patient Care is an acceleration program, powered by Astrazeneca, created in partnership with Unicorn Factory Lisboa and Startup Lisboa, which aims to support the creation and development of technological solutions that promote the decarbonization of the health sector, contributing to its greater sustainability.

For this purpose, a group of relevant specialists and mentors gathered, with experience, know-how and recognized intervention in these areas, with the aim of boosting the creation and development of solutions with an impact on the health sector.

Net Zero Health Systems intends to identify the best solutions in areas as diverse as Hospital Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Mobility in Health, and Digitalization and Connected Health.

This regulation refers to the 1st edition that will take place during the year 2023.

Article 1


The objectives of this initiative are:

  1. Support the development of technological solutions to promote sustainability and decarbonization in the health sector in Portugal;
  2. Support the development of the health tech ecosystem in Portugal;
  3. Support the development of the clean tech ecosystem in Portugal;
  4. Promote reflection on the main challenges in the area of sustainability in the health sector in Portugal.

Article 2


  1. Individuals over 18 years old, of any nationality, can apply for this initiative, competing individually or in a team and who have an innovative project that contributes to the objectives of the program;
  2. Companies whose incorporation date occurred less than 5 years ago and that have an innovative project that contributes to the objectives of the program can also apply for this initiative.

Article 3

Application Process

  1. Applications must be submitted using the form available on the program’s website:;
  2. The application period runs from August 4st, 2023 to September 29th, 2023 (11:59 PM inclusive – GMT);
  3. The organization reserves the right to unilaterally and upon notice published on the program’s website, extend the deadline for submitting applications;
  4. The organization is not responsible for any loss or failure to receive applications, even if this results from interruptions or failures in the network or in the website created for the purpose of sending applications;
  5. Each promoter / company can only submit one application;
  6. The promoter or team of promoters must be the owner of the property rights of the idea to be presented within the scope of this initiative;
  7. The projects in the competition must correspond to projects authored by the candidates and be original and unpublished, and cannot have been prepared by third parties or violate third party rights, namely intellectual property, being the candidates exclusively responsible for any violations that they may practice;
  8. In the case of teams, an interlocutor must be indicated who will represent your team before the organization and will serve as a point of contact and spokesperson throughout the process ;
  9. The contact details on the application form must be active and up-to-date throughout the duration of the Initiative;
  10. Application is free of charge;
  11. The submission of applications within the scope of this Regulation is prohibited to employees or workers of Astrazeneca ‐ Produtos Farmacêuticos Lda. (“AstraZeneca”) or of any company of the Group where it operates or its family members up to the 2nd degree. Natural or legal persons who, in the 3 (three) years prior to the date of submission of the application, have benefited from scholarships or financial support granted by AstraZeneca and have not, in this context, fulfilled the duties and terms agreed may not apply with them in relation to granting the scholarship or support;
  12. Likewise, legal persons whose representatives have an employment relationship, internship or any other form of collaboration with AstraZeneca or any other company of the Group in which it forms part cannot apply;
  13. Applications cannot be or contain any elements that may be considered illegal, false, misleading, offensive to good customs or to the dignity and image of people, namely with regard to AstraZeneca, or that may in any way be considered as discriminatory or ethically or morally reprehensible;
  14. Applications must not correspond to projects that have previously benefited from a grant or financial support, regardless of whether it was granted by AstraZeneca or not, unless it is proven that you intend to obtain a grant for a part, phase or subproject of a Project continuity, as long as that part, phase or subproject has not benefited from a previous grant or financial support;
  15. Candidates will be responsible for the submitted applications, ensuring that they comply with the provisions of this Regulation;
  16. The promoters reserve the right to exclude, at any time, applications that do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation, namely those that violate third party rights, such as those of intellectual property and/or in the event of an administrative decision imposing their exclusion.

Article 4

Application Evaluation

  1. Applications will be subject to a prior analysis to verify the formal eligibility conditions of project promoters;
  2. Applications will be subject to a preliminary assessment based on the objectives of the program for the purpose of pre-selection;
  3. Promoters / projects that do not meet the conditions referred to in paragraph a) of this article, or whose projects have not been pre-selected or do not have sufficient information will be informed, by email, that they will not proceed to the next evaluation phase;
  4. The assessment is based on the information contained in the application form;
  5. After the prior analysis, the projects will have the possibility to present their project to a jury, with a view to selecting the projects to integrate the acceleration program, with the intention of selecting up to 8 startups;
  6. The jury session will consist of a 5-minute presentation that must be supported by digital means or others that the promoters deem appropriate for this purpose;
  7. The jury session will take place in the week of 9th to 13th October 2023 and the jury’s assessment will take into account the following criteria:
  1. Project / company with an innovative and differentiating technological solution that promotes sustainability and decarbonization of the health sector;
  2. Quality of the team and its ability to implement the project;
  3. Feasibility of the presented idea;
  4. Potential impact of the solution presented in the health sector;
  5. Potential for future growth and/or scalability of the solution;
  1. The jury referred to in the previous point will be made up of members of Unicorn Factory Lisboa / Startup Lisboa, members of Astrazeneca and external elements invited by them;
  2. The decision to select the finalist projects will be communicated within 48 hours after the jury’s decision by email to the promoters;
  3. The organization will make every effort to ensure the selection of 8 startups, however, it cannot be held responsible if it is not possible to select that number of projects;
  4. Decisions are taken by majority vote and are sovereign and irrevocable, with no appeal whatsoever;
  5. The members of the Jury will declare their conflict of interest in the case of applications submitted by legal persons with whom they have an employment relationship or any other form of collaboration, and must identify the potential conflict of interest to the Promoters. If the conflict of interests is confirmed, the member of the Jury in question will not participate in the evaluation of the Projects in question.

Article 5


  1. An acceleration program is understood to be a program that allows supporting the validation of ideas/business models in a market context, as well as supporting the implementation and growth strategies of participating projects;
  2. Finalist projects will be offered an acceleration program, whose participation is mandatory by at least one of the founders of the project;
  3. The acceleration program will be conducted in English;
  4. The acceleration program will be carried out predominantly in a remote format, with the exception of the bootcamp (October 25th and 26th) and the last day of the program (December 19th), in which face-to-face participation is mandatory;
  5. The program consists of: public presentation of the project within the scope of the international conference of Astrazeneca in Portugal, workshops, mentoring meetings and individual monitoring of each project, networking events, inspirational talks and a final public presentation of the finalist projects to potential partners, customers, investors and media;
  6. The program will start on the 25th of October and will last for 8 weeks, during working hours. On average, the program will occupy 1 working day per week.

Article 6

AstraZeneca International Conference

    1. On 26 October, as part of the program’s initial bootcamp, the startups selected for the program will have the opportunity to present their solution at the Astrazeneca International Conference, which will be held in person in Lisbon.
    2. Each selected startup will make a presentation to a jury in order to be awarded the two best pitches.
    3. For the award of this prize, the jury will take into account the following evaluation criteria:
  • Project/company with an innovative and differentiating technological solution that fosters the sustainability and decarbonisation of the health sector;
  • Quality of the team and its ability to implement the project;
  • Feasibility of the idea presented;
  • Potential impact of the solution presented in the health sector;
  • Potential for future growth and/or scalability of the solution;
    1. The selection of the winners will be made by a jury that will be made up of members of Unicorn Factory Lisboa / Startup Lisboa, members of Astrazeneca and external elements invited by them

Article 7

Demo Day

  1. The Demo Day – final public presentation of the projects – will take place on December 19th, 2023 in a manner and time to be indicated in due course;
  2. The aim of the Demo Day is to select the program’s winning project;
  3. The Demo Day consists of a public presentation of each project, through a pitch with a maximum duration of 5 minutes each. The presentation must be supported by digital or other means, which the promoters deem appropriate, however, it must be done in person. In addition to presenting their project and the main differentiating factors in the market, they should note the evolution and main developments that took place during the program;
  4. The winning project will be selected considering the following criteria:
  • Project / company with an innovative and differentiating technological solution that promotes sustainability and decarbonization of the health sector;
  • Quality of the team and its ability to implement the project;
  • Feasibility of the presented idea;
  • Potential impact of the solution presented in the health sector;
  • Potential for future growth and/or scalability of the solution;
  • Performance and evolution of the project during the course of the program;
  1. The selection of the winner will be made by a jury that will be made up of members of Unicorn Factory Lisboa / Startup Lisboa, members of Astrazeneca and external elements invited by them.

Article 8

General Conditions of Participation

  1. The Participants are responsible for all the information and the contents of the Project that they present;
  2. Participants must always act in a cordial manner and with respect, in particular for the rules and operating procedures, programming and security of the Organization and Partners;
  3. Inappropriate or abusive behavior, including the use of obscene language, will not be tolerated;
  4. The Organization reserves the right to exclude any Participant who, during the Initiative, does not respect the rules provided for in these Regulations or who does not participate in the initiatives planned for the program.

Article 9


  1. As part of the Astrazeneca international conference to be held on the 26th of October , and as part of the best pitch competition, there will be a monetary prizes of €10,000 (ten thousand euros) and €5,000 (five thousand euros) will be awarded correspondingly for the two best pitches.
  2. The prizes to be awarded to the winners of the program on the Demo Day scheduled for December 19th are:
  1. Monetary prize of €5.000 (five thousand euros) for the best project;
  2. Direct access to incubation at Startup Lisboa;
  3. Free incubation at Startup Lisboa during the first 6 months;
  1. All participating projects will benefit from:
  1. Possibility of validating the project with potential clients and in a market context;
  2. Access to a vast network of mentors ( founders, investors, industry experts, among others);
  3. Access to program partners;
  4. Access to the Startup Lisboa network;
  1. The monetary prizes to be paid to the winners will have a tax support document, in accordance with Portuguese legislation;
  2. For the payment of the indicated prizes, the IBAN must be sent to where the bank transfer must be made;
  3. The awarding of prizes in no way constitutes an inducement or consideration for prescribing, administering, recommending, purchasing, paying, reimbursing, authorizing, approving or providing any product or service marketed or provided by AstraZeneca or to obtain any improper advantage for to AstraZeneca.

Article 10


The parties undertake to maintain secrecy regarding the content of all information to which they have access under this initiative, including intellectual property and industrial property, even after its termination, except to the extent strictly necessary for the execution of this initiative. initiative and what is strictly necessary for the dissemination and promotion of the program.

Article 11

Intellectual Property

  1. The industrial property and intellectual rights of candidate ideas / projects belong to the promoter(s);
  2. The promoters grant the organization permission to use non-confidential information in its promotion and marketing activities;
  3. The organization of this initiative cannot be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property, misuse or plagiarism by another candidate promoter or by another external member.

Article 12

Data Protection

The protection of our users’ privacy and personal data is of great importance to Startup Lisboa. By enrolling in the program, by completing the application form, you are accepting Startup Lisboa’s Privacy Policy, which can be consulted here: .

Startup Lisboa acts as responsible for processing the personal data made available within the scope of awarding the prizes and guarantees the security and confidentiality of the processing of the personal data of the participants in the candidacy for the same.

Said personal data are treated exclusively for the purpose of managing the Initiative and awarding prizes, and for its promotion and dissemination in various national media (whether daily press and/or magazines) and/or on the website of the Promoters (no economic consideration is due to the data subjects), with the express consent of the data subjects, in accordance with the applicable legislation, especially Law No. 67/98, of October 26th (“LPDP”), and Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), applicable from May 25th, 2018. All necessary and appropriate security mechanisms are implemented to protect the personal data of candidates, whether when the data is processed directly by Startup Lisboa, or when the data is processed by entities subcontracted by Startup Lisboa.

However, applicants) must also have the necessary protection measures in place on the equipment they use in order to minimize the risk of improper access to data when submitting applications.

Since the candidates’ personal data are necessary for managing the attribution, promotion and dissemination of the prizes, if they do not consent to the processing of their personal data, it will not be possible to apply and award them.

The data will be kept for a period of 1 (one) year, after which it will be deleted, except in cases where another period is required by the applicable legislation.

Candidates may, at any time, withdraw their consent for the processing of their personal data, in accordance with the applicable legislation, without prejudice to the treatment carried out based on the previously given consent being considered valid. The fact that the data subject withdraws consent implies that Startup Lisboa cannot process their personal data, and as such, may result in the impossibility of granting the respective application process.

Candidates have the right to access their personal data and obtain from Startup Lisboa the rectification, update, elimination and/or portability of the data concerning them, as well as the right to oppose and/or request the limitation of the processing of respective personal data. The rights may be exercised by data subjects by submitting a written request to Startup Lisboa via the following email address

Candidates also have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (“CNPD”) if they consider that Startup Lisboa has failed to comply with the legal provisions relating to data protection.

Article 13

Final Dispositions

  1. The organization reserves the right to change the present Regulation, informing promoters who apply/participate in any of the categories;
  2. Situations not contemplated in this Regulation will be duly analyzed and defined by the organization;
  3. Participation in the Program implies the express acceptance, by the promoters, of the terms and conditions of this regulation.

Article 14

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

  1. This Regulation is governed by Portuguese law.
  2. Any issues or disputes arising from this Initiative, namely with regard to the interpretation or application of these Regulations, will be submitted to the court of the competent district.